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Ep. 12 Amelia Earhart Interview

October 8, 2016

Ep. #12Mr. Hauger interviews pioneer of aviation and best-selling author Amelia Earhart on today's Hauger History Podcast. 




Taking flight today from the Hauger History Studios - Its a special interview edition with me, Mr. Hauger, excited to announce not just the safety features on this podbean.com Podcast but to welcome our pilot and guest for this episode - Miss Amelia Earhart, pioneer of aviation and author who opened the cockpit doors for women of the world.

DH: Welcome to the show Miss Earhart.

AE: Thank you for the warm welcome. Might I also add, 95% of commercial pilots today are men, so there is still room for more doors to be open in the flight of female pilots.

DH: true enough. According to Women in Aviation international: Women have been involved in aviation since its earliest days. From E. Lillian Todd, who designed and built aircraft in 1906 to Helen Richey, who became the first woman pilot for a U.S. commercial airline in 1934, woman have assumed a variety of roles in the industry. At the close of the 20th century, astronaut Eileen Collins became the first female space shuttle commander.

During the last twenty years, the number of women involved in the aviation industry has steadily increased and women can be found in nearly every aviation occupation today. However, the numbers are still small by comparison. Women pilots, for example, represent only six percent of the total pilot population in today’s pilot workforce.

AE: There is still a long way to travel until we reach a destination of equality for women.

Tune in and hear the rest of the interview, and learn more about one of America's most famous pioneers, Amelia Earhart!


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