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29 The Kingdom of Israel and King David Hauger History for 6th Grade

January 18, 2017

6th graders day today! We started studying the Kingdom of Israel around 1000 B.C.E.My students had plenty of questions about things they know, read, and have heard growing up. This brought plenty of reason to record a synopsis podcast for our first day to follow a lesson about geography, the stories of the Old Testament, and our day studing King David and Solomon. This podcast goes very well with a Powerpoint by another teaching colleague, Mrs. McLaughlin, and I thank her for posting her educational presentation as well. The more resources the better, right? Enjoy this episode 6th graders, there are some good test review questions for discussion or assessment in this podcast: what are prophets? Why did King Solomon build a temple? What was exile? Who conquered Jerusalem? All this and more in today's Hauger History Podcast!

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