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37 The Protestant Reformation, Martin Luthers 95 Theses, and the Great Schism

February 27, 2017

From one Catholic Church, to 33,000 Christian denominations today, the Reformation clearly had a significant impact on the Church's influence, power, and the Great Schism, or split into many segments of Churches around Europe and eventually the world. The impact of this time period is still felt today, and the idea that change could come through social reform was a powerful moment in history. This Martin Luther episode is also on YouTube. Below is a study guide that I hope will help you prepare for your assessment on the Reformation and Martin Luther.  

  1. Where did the word Protestant come from?  ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  2. What were two problems the Catholic Church faced during the MIddle Ages?
  3. Describe what was happening when the Church was selling indulgences. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  4. Along with indulgences, simony was a huge problem during the MIddle Ages. What was Simony? ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  5. True/False: Martin Luther was a German born Catholic very committed to becoming a monk.
  6. True/False: Germany celebrates Reformation day during each calendar year.
  7. True / False:  Everyone agreed on how symbols should fit into religion.
  8. True / False: Letting anyone read the Bible was seen by a good idea by all Church authority members.
  9. True / False: The Anabaptists began to Baptize people at all ages.
  10. True / False: Puritans loved the complexities of the Catholic Church and art like stained glass.
  11. Where did John Wycliffe say Religions guidance should come from?  ____________________________________________________________________________________
  12. What was John Calvin’s influence on the reformation and what did predestination have to do with it? ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  13. What was the risk of printing and distributing challenging ideas against the Church during the 1500’s? ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________11. Why did people begin to question some Church practices? ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________12. Why did the Great Schism weaken the Church? ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


  1. Name two things that Martin Luther criticized about the Church in his theses.
  1. ___________________________________________________________________________________
  2. ___________________________________________________________________________________
  1. What does the word Reformation mean in this chapter?


  1. true / false Peasants revolted in part because they thought they had God’s support

16 true / false The Jesuits were supporters of the Reformation

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