Hauger History Podcasts for Social Studies Students

39 Civil War Beginnings, Expectations, Hygiene, and Early events

March 19, 2017

Hello and welcome to our “Civil War” Hauger History Podcast overviewing the events leading to secession of Southern States, and a war of more than four years and 600,000 deaths resulting from the conflict.

Some of the key events of this podcast include:

  • Differences in perspectives about the causes of the Civil War.  (examples are the contrast in learning in Houston vs San Francisco public schools that I researched)
  • The fighting and devastation taking place mostly in Southern States.
  • Robert E Lee was desired to be a general in the North, how that could have changed the course of events of the Civil War.
  • President Lincoln thought a volunteer army could end the conflict in 90 days in a relatively simple process to what actually enrolled.
  • Strategies of the Union and Confederate Armies going into the War.
  • Early Confederate victories at Fort Sumter and Bull Run.
  • Technology of war improves, more accurate, more deadly.
  • Twice as many die of disease, poor sanitation
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