Hauger History Podcasts for Social Studies Students

Ep. 13 Egypt Legacy Overview and Quiz Review for 6th Graders

October 13, 2016

Ep. #13: Hello 6th grade students - both mine and around the world! Today we discuss Egypt, and likely questions to pop up on your next quiz or test. From the 3,200+ mile Nile River, to its un-de-Nile-able importance to history, and all of the ways that Egypt's legacy began to impact our lives, in just under 8 minutes. Ok, maybe not every Egyptian contribution, but quite a lot in a short amount of time, enjoy the podcast!

Here are some sample quiz review questions, find the answers in the podcast!
  1. Egypt is called the _______________ of the Nile.

  2. Ancient Egypt lasted for about how many years _____

  3. The Nile is about how long._________

  4. True or false The Nile flows south to the equator._______

  5. True or false cataract is a waterfall.________

  6. True or false the Nile floods every summer.__________

  7. True or false The water in the Nile is bad for growing crops_________

  8. True or false The parts of Egypt were not near the Nile were a desert________

  9. The two sources of the Nile river’s water are Lakes ____________ and _____________