Hauger History Podcasts for Social Studies Students

Ep. 17 Middle School Mindfulness Meditation Five Minutes for 6th Grade

October 28, 2016
Ep. #17: Today in class my 6th graders were reading and learning about Hinduism, Brahmanism, and Buddhism. I spoke to them about the growing practice of mindfulness meditation in California, and around the world, and how many people are finding peaceful practice in calming themselves and being more present in the moment by taking time to meditate.


I recorded a 5 minute, basic introduction to meditation, that is perfect for use in your middle school or elementary classroom. Enjoy this free recording which offers instruction for a basic and simple meditation. There is a step by step guide, and some music that I recorded as well. This practice invoked breathing awareness, blocking out distractions, and understanding that our minds will drift as we practice, and focusing on our feeling of being and breathing. Please feel free to share and incorporate into your own lesson plans or self-practice.


I am not an expert, simply offering a free tool to help engage students in the practice of learning or practicing meditation and mindfulness.