Hauger History Podcasts for Social Studies Students

72 Studying the Constitution Student Game Show and Test Review

November 2, 2017

Studying the Constitution? Watch our video! This Middle School game show features three 8th graders in the midst of their studies, taking a quiz to prepare for their exams. Questions are featured on the screen? How well will you do against our competitors? Tune in and learn more about checks and balances, the three branches of government, and the design of the Constitution of the United States.

The Hauger History podcast is designed for Social Studies and History Students in Middle School Grades 6-8. Students use these podcasts as study guides, oral presentation assignments, and offer each other constructive criticism to improve their presentation skills. Subscribe free on Podbean - https://haugerhistory.podbean.com/ or watch our Hauger History episodes on our YouTube  playlist. - http://bit.ly/2vBe0Zd)