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How to Choose the Right College 5 Tips for Selecting a College

March 10, 2017

Having some advice and tips on how to choose a college may help narrow the selection and application process for you. College rankings are fine, but they apply to students in general, and not to your specific needs. Think and reflect on my 5 tips for choosing the right college. Hosted by Mr Hauger. College selection can be a stressful and trying time for high school students looking to take the next step on their academic and personal journeys. Today I spoke with nearly 200 high school students in Martinez about their goals and wishes for their future. I was surprised how many students asked me what the most important factors were for choosing a college. I was glad to supply them with 5 fundamental reasons to consider before selecting a college to attend or apply to and I am happy to share them in this conversational podcast with Mr. Hauger, a first in a series. Thanks for listening!

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